jeudi 5 mai 2011

TIOMILA : The mythical Swedish relay

Last weekend, as every year at this period, it was the Tiomila at Tullinge close to Stockholm where I was running the 10th leg (so the last leg) for my Swedish club OK Hällen. Last year, we did a strong 10th place so we had an ambitious goal for this year too. My teammate had done a very good job before me and they give-me the relay in a good 13th start position. I was started together with strong anchormans from other Scandinavian club. So it was a fast race and after some 84 minutes in the rather technical forest, it was a tight finishing in the battle for the 10th place where I crossed the line in 12th position for the team.
You can see the GPS track here:

Even if I can be a little bit disappointed to miss the 10th place for some second; it was still a very good performance for the club as the second best result ever (after last year 10th place). I can also be satisfied for my race because I did one of the best times of the last leg with no big mistakes.

Photo: Tomas Lundström

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