mardi 29 novembre 2011

Winter training is going on!

Even if we haven’t any orienteering competitions during the winter time, it’s still a really important period for our training and our improvement: It’s when we can build strong physical basis, deeply work specific technique and anchor an efficient orienteering routine.
It has started well this month so I’ve already made around 60 hours in 4 weeks. I use to do the major part of my training during the winter months before taking part to many competitions from April to September. With the French team, we have the chance to make a lot of orienteering and we travel quite often through France or abroad to find interesting terrains for training camps. As you can see below, my amount of trainings seems to be rather regular from the last few years (Actually, there are evolution both in the technical part and the physical one as the inclusion of track & field trainings from 2010…):

Until March, we meet every 2 weeks in a different place with the French team for a training camp weekend. This year, we started with a tough training camp in the Jura Mountain where we could appreciate the very nice weather and the technical terrain as you can see on this map example:

The second training camp was in the Fontainebleau forests (south of Paris) where the main difficulty is to orienteer in a maze of big rock-block. For me, the shape seems to be OK and I’m ready to brave a hard winter and work seriously to improve in orienteering. Now, after training some days in Swiss forest close to Lausanne to be ready for next July, and struggling in tuff woods at the feet of the Auvergne’s volcanoes to work our technique skill; it will be soon Christmas time and the New Year that we all hope as good as this one or even better ;)

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