vendredi 20 juillet 2012

8th place in WOC tough long distance

The last individual race of this year world champs was the yesterday’s long distance: The terrain was a little bit more open than expected but it was still a very physically demanding race. Before the start, I felt quite self confident and ready for the fight for this event. The shape seemed ok but my technical performance wasn’t clean: I did quite many mistakes from the first control to the last one!
Looking theinteresting analysis from World of O (thanks Jan Kocbach for his great job!), we can easily understand some of the mistakes:
Even if I was fast enough close to the 1st control, I missed almost 1 minute not accurate when looking for the control in the area:

On the 1st real long leg, as I was not sharp when following the compass after crossing the track: I got stock in front of green losing a lot of time trying to find a right way:
Some legs went well like the 2nd long leg:

Then, some other mistakes around controls (like wrong directions when leaving controls) and not optimal route-choices cost me a quite a lot of precious time, like these-ones:
Red choice around was a bit long

I even miss on the way to the last control don’t following the compass missing some lucidity:

Finally, I finished in the 8th position which is a good result for me (the best one in internal long distance) even if can be frustrated for all my avoidable mistakes! It’s still much much better than my unforgivable miss punched spectator control of the sprint…

Tomorrow, it’s time for the relay where, as the reserve, I will be the 1st supporter of French team world champion last year!

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  1. Good Result for the Long Distance ! :-D
    Next year for you ! ;-)