lundi 10 novembre 2014

Never ending season!

It’s not because there hasn’t been any article on my blog since August that the season was already finished then. This article is just a quick summary of what has happened since the WUOC: the way, here is a really interesting documentary of the WUOC from the FISU TV (and even Eurosport):

  • 24-29/O8: World Military Orienteering Champs in Austria
High-quality organization, strong competitors, good experience as an athlete as usual!

  • 30/08: Huippuliiga Final
Event a bit special for me after last year surprise victory when I started in last position the chasing-start and finishing first and there for winning the overall Huippuliiga league just because of the last contest (More about it in last year article).
This year, I had a completely different approach as I’m now living in Finland: It was a rather important goal of the season for me. I had an excellent start by winning the 2 first stages and getting the 4th place on the 3rd stage. I was consequently starting the last stage in “pole-position” with enough time-margins to allow me to do few mistakes (Fortunately, the rules were changes after last year too tight start-intervals…) and still end in the lead and win the overall Huippuliiga for the 2nd year in a row.,21.8212895&z=10&geocode=;FX2XlgMdhfdFASmVo_GYMXKLRjFJlUhgkpMOUw;FRhtnAMd7UFKASnba5wJY5aLRjGaTGC9TCO2FA;FVkDmwMdy5xTASldJ8cydHaMRjEBHcSDHcicGQ&saddr=60.4904472,22.2559571&via=1,2&daddr=60.200829,21.3625654+to:60.5831923,21.6437565+to:Nostov%C3%A4enkatu+9,+Turku,+Soome&dirflg=b&output=classic&dg=ntvb 
  • 31/08: Some tourism by bike: Archipelago tour
After a tough competition week, what about some (recovery) biking?
(Just ~180 km with +875 m uphill, 8 Ferries… Route on Google-map)

  • 4-10/09: Training camp in Scotland
High-quality trainings, good practice, nice scenery (even though we haven’t seen the Loch-Ness monster), typical Scottish summer-weather, teaching experiences: WOC 2015 is the next target!

  • 20-21/09: Finnish champs sprint and relay
Successful weekend for me and for the club with 2 victories!
- Sprint: (But without getting the title of Finnish champion)

- Relay: Great achievement for the team, and very nice satisfaction for all the club!
 (GPS tracking / Results)

  • 3-5/10: Last round of the world cup 2014
Could be summarized by:
- Satisfying mix-relay with a quite promising 5th place for the team;
- Disaster Middle distance performance while missing almost all the controls;
- Honest sprint race ending 9th despite few bad route-choices and streets-missed.
-> Overall world cup ranking: 11th (Without focusing so much on it and not running all the stage, but probably like most of the runners…)

  • 11/10: 25-Manna
Important goal for Paimion-Rasti with everybody from the youngsters to older ones motivated to give their best. It was really great to push hard when having all the club pushing behind! Finally, we were happy with our 4th place as the best place ever for the club!

25/10 : Halikko-viesti
Last but not least competition of 2014, this was the last occasion to show that Paimion-Rasti is the Finnish club going strong at the moment with a quite clear victory!

Photos: Didier Groshens, Paimion-Rasti, kestä

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