lundi 8 juin 2015

World-cup round in Norway/Sweden: An important step forward to next WOCs

Last week, it was time for the world-cup round in Halden (Norway) and just on the other side of the border in Sweden. (Website) It was important step for the next two world championships, as the races were held in the same area as next years WOC on quite similar terrains. Furthermore, the competitions were used as selection-races to get in the French team for this years WOC.
It has also completed an intense competitions period for me included the Tiomila-relay in the Middle of May where I run the last leg for Paimion-Rasti, two Huippuliiga races in Finland where I struggled in a long distance at Prisma-Rastit (Tweet) and in a sprint at Särkänniemi-suunnistus (Tweet), the French club championship that we took a pleasing silver medal with Orient-Express 42 (Article club in French), the Finnish champs Middle where I didn’t managed to qualify for the final… (Article by World of O)

This world-cup round started with a tough long distance near Halden that I handle rather well taking the 7th place about 5’ behind the Swiss leader despite taking the wrong route-choice to the 2nd control that cost me already ~2’ to the best time and some other smaller mistakes or improvable things.


Then we had the privilege to run the 1st mix-sprint-relay world cup around the Halden castle that is dominating the city with a nice view over the fjord. The French team didn’t have its best day over-there: I lost quite a lot of time on my way to the 2nd control getting stock on the cliffs and looking for the control. Then my race consisted of  running as fast as possible to try to catch-up runners in front. We finished 8th nation)

On Saturday, there was a fast sprint in Lysekil where we had to decide decisive route-choices through the street of this nice little Swedish town on the coast line. Even if my speed was probably a bit slower than the fast Belgium Yannick Michiels who showed that he is able to read the map with his impressive speed (13’47’’/5km), my main times lose were due to bad route-choices.
However, the competition was finally cancelled due to punching-system problems influencing to fairness.
(World of O article) (+ Thank you 2D-rerun for the analysis:)

Last but not least, a tricky middle distance was ending this dense week where we had to keep clear mind despite burning legs on the steep up-hills and in soft marshes to decide the best way and to navigate through the rather rough terrain. It was quite a clean performance for me even if few mistakes while attacking the controls should have been avoided to get a top result. Finally in 10th spot, I can be satisfied.

 To conclude, this week gives us a reach experiences and teach us good lesson for next year. I think that I’ve putted a good basement, now there is still a long way to be done before to put the roof.
Next to come for me, few races in Finland and this year World Orienteering Champs in Scotland in the beginning of August (Website).

But first, welcome to the great JUKOLA next weekend in Paimio! And if unfortunately you have a good excuse not to come, remember to watch the web-TV with English commentary. (Link)

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